Visiting EU nationals who experience discrimination or racism are encouraged to use our survey to report these incidents.

The Ombud will use the findings from the survey in our work against negative attitudes and actions towards the group.

The survey is anonymous, and will be open until March 2022. It is available in Norwegian, English and Romanian. On the Romanian page, you will also find the survey in Romany.

Click here for the survey. Select language in the upper right corner.


The Ombud will not contact you after you have answered the survey. If you need guidance in a case concerning discrimination and/or harassment, please contact the guidance service.

Research on travelling Roma in Norway is limited. Yet, it reveals that the group is subjected to negative treatment, and perceptions regarding travelling Roma are low.

The Norwegian Human Rights Institution and the Norwegian Church City Mission coordinate a network where the Ombud has become aware of stories from travelling Roma concerning harassment, discrimination and violence.

Our survey will give the group the opportunity to report on what they experience and give us a starting point for further work.