Step 6 - Talk about sexual harassment

Talking about sexual harassment and other forms of harassment at the workplace.

It is important that sexual harassment is something everyone can talk about at the workplace, and that there is a low threshold for raising the topic. Managers should regularly include this topic on the agenda for meetings attended by all employees. This may, for example, be in connection with reviews of the working environment (health, safety and environment (HSE)), matters/claims taken place or seasonal arrangements where there is an increased risk of harassment (e.g Christmas parties and the like). The purpose of the meetings is to ensure that the focus on this work is well known and that it functions according to plan.

At such meetings, the following matters should be raised:

  • The company’s rules for acceptable behaviour and the need for clarifications
  • Risk identification for relevant areas of work and measures for preventing harassment
  • Employees’ experiences
  • Procedures for reporting harassment